Placement Posting Dates

You'll see your placement assessment score as soon as you complete your assessment, but your updated math placement tier won't appear in your portal until the next posting date. Your best placement tier, as shown in your portal, determines your math enrollment eligibility.

If you complete more than one placement assessment between posting dates, only your best score from that period will be converted to a placement tier and posted.

Posting dates for spring 2018 enrollment

With the exceptions given below, placement assessments completed by Mondays will be posted on Tuesdays, with an eight hour grace period: assessments completed before 8:00 AM on Tuesday mornings will be posted by the end of the business day.

Scores will not be posted during the first week of instruction, April 2-8, or during the week April 16-22.

Scores will be posted on two dates during the second week of instruction: placement assessments completed by Monday, April 9, will be posted on the 10th and assessments completed by Thursday, April 12, will be posted on Friday, April 13.  (As usual, there will be an eight hour grace period.)

You can reassess in ALEKS PPL at any time, provided that you've waited at least two days and worked for at least five hours in your ALEKS Learning Module, but your score won't be posted to your portal until the next posting date.


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