Math Placement Tiers

Score conversion and posting

Your ALEKS placement assessment score is converted to a UCSC Math Placement tier (MP tier) and posted to your myUCSC portal within three business days.

MP tier        

ALEKS score


below 60









Your best MP tier determines your math course enrollment options, but can't be used to satisfy course prerequisites or major requirements until it's been posted to your UCSC portal.

You'll see your placement assessment score in ALEKS as soon as you complete your assessment, but your MP tier will appear in your UCSC portal no earlier than sometime on the first business day after the day you complete your assessment, and may not post until the day after that. For example, if you complete your assessment early on a Wednesday morning (say 2:00 AM Pacific Time), your score will probably be posted sometime on Thursday (unless Thursday is a holiday), but might not be posted until Friday.  

Building on your placement tier

Your placement tier is a stepping stone on your path to math success. Where you go from here depends on your tier, your major, and your interests.

100 and 200 tiers

Use your ALEKS Learning Module and reassess before choosing your course.
After 5–10 hours study, most students advance to calculus eligibility and satisfy the math requirements for the Psychology and Environmental Studies majors.

Learn how to improve your placement.

300-500 tiers

You're eligible to enroll in one or more of the four UCSC calculus sequences and have satisfied the math requirements for the Psychology and Environmental Studies majors.

Learn which calculus course is right for you.