Calculus Eligibility

UCSC offers four different two quarter calculus sequences.  Each sequence is optimized to provide you with the mathematical knowledge and skills you’ll need in your future courses and careers. 

AMS/Econ 11AB   Calculus for Economics

Math Placement tier 300 or higher

AMS/Econ 11AB is a single and multi variable calculus sequence with a focus on business and economics.

Math 11AB   Calculus with Applications

Math Placement tier 300 or higher

Math 11AB is a single variable calculus sequence with a focus on the life sciences.

Math 19AB   Calculus for the Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering

Math Placement tier 400 or 500

Math 19AB is a single variable calculus sequence offered in both online and traditional formats.

Math 20AB   Honors Calculus

Math Placement tier 500

Honors Calculus introduces techniques of rigorous proof and the abstract concepts underlying calculus.

Placement tiers for calculus

Each calculus sequence has its own placement tier requirement. The 19AB sequence makes extensive use of trigonometry, while the 20AB sequence emphasizes the abstract theory of functions, so these sequences require stronger math preparation and higher placement tiers than the two 11AB calculus sequences do.

If you're not yet eligible for the course you want to take, work in your ALEKS Learning Module and reassess to improve your placement tier. 

You don't need to take the highest numbered calculus sequence you're eligible to enroll in. It's usually best to take the sequence that's recommended for your major.