Add the Important Dates to Your Calendar

Upcoming dates that are relevant to Math Placement are shown in the Important Dates section of the Math Coach home page and in the sidebar of all other Math Coach pages. The Placement Posting Dates for enrollment for the coming term are available in the Math Coach, too.

You're at the Math Coach site right now, so you know what's coming up,  but could something important slip past you if you don't look at the site for a while? Thanks to modern technology, you can have information about upcoming math placement-related events and opportunities automatically delivered to your phone, tablet, or laptop.

sample Google calendar

Adding the Math Placement calendar to your calendar

You can add the Math Placement Important Dates to your calendar, so that upcoming math placement and enrollment-related events will automatically appear in your calendar.  Set reminders and/or notifications for a few weeks, days, or hours ahead of the events and opportunities you're interested in, so that you're prepared when the big day arrives.

WARNING: this calendar isn't all-inclusive! Check with your college and Undergraduate Advising for information about other important events and deadlines.

To add a Google calendar to your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android device, follow Google's instructions to Add someone else's Google calendar, using the Add Using a Link option.

The ICAL link for the Math Placement calendar is

That should all be one long line, starting with https and ending with ics.

Out with the old, in with the new

When you've completed your Math Placement, you can unsubscribe from the calendar.

Many instructors create calendars for their courses—you can have all the crucial dates (due dates, exams, special sessions, etc.) at hand—so be ready to add some new calendars when your courses begin. If your course information is available in Canvas, you can use this guide to link the Canvas calendar to your calendar.


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