Math 20AB

Math 20AB, Honors Calculus, is a intensive, proof-based calculus sequence. It is not required for any major, but is accepted by many major programs.

When selecting and enrolling in your course, you should consider prerequisites, your (prospective) major requirements, and scheduling. Verify the requirements for your (prospective) major in the General Catalog before enrolling in your course.


Before enrolling in Math 20A, you must satisfy one of the following prerequisites:

MP tier 500, or
AP Calculus AB score of 4 or 5, or
AP Calculus BC score of 3 or higher.

Before enrolling in Math 20B, you must complete Math 20A with a grade of C or better.

Who should take Math 20AB?

Prior experience with calculus is not required, but most students taking Math 20AB have taken calculus in high school. Most students who take Math 20AB are (prospective) math majors,  but students in the following majors may satisfy their single variable calculus requirement by taking Math 20AB. Math 20AB is not required for any major; one or more of the other UCSC calculus sequences also meet the requirements for these majors.

Applied Physics BS
Astrophysics BS
Cognitive Science BS (only first quarter calculus is required)
Computer Science (BA or BS)
Computer Science: Game Design BS
Economics & Mathematics BA
Mathematics BA
Physics BS
Physics Education
Technology & Information Management BS