Math 2 and 2T

Math 2, College Algebra, and Math 2T, Preparatory Math, review advanced algebra. 

UCSC currently offers two versions of Math 2: Adaptive Learning and Collaborative Learning. If both versions fit your schedule, choose the one that best fits your learning style. If only one version fits with your other courses, that's fine; both cover the same core algebra skills.

Math 2: Adaptive Instruction

Instructional studio sessions five days per week. No conventional lectures!

Group discussions and projects focus on the social context of mathematics and mathematical communication; projects combine creative writing, interpretation of images, and traditional mathematical language. Individual study, supported by one-on-one mentoring, follows a personalized learning path in ALEKS.

Math 2: Collaborative Learning

Lectures three days per week and mandatory discussion sections twice per week.

Students actively participate in lecture, using iClickers to check their comprehension of new material. In section, study teams work collaboratively on worksheets that complement the online homework assignments.

Math 2T: Preparatory Math

Math 2T is a two unit course consisting primarily of individual study in ALEKS, supported by one-on-one mentoring.

Math 2T is designed to develop productive learning strategies and habits of mind. Satisfaction of weekly time and progress goals is essential for success in the course.

Math 2T is not recommended for students whose best ALEKS PPL score after reassessment is below 45.

Who should take Math 2 or 2T?

Math 2 or 2T is appropriate for (pre)calculus-bound students who have not improved their placement tier after review in their ALEKS Learning Module and reassessment.

Students whose best assessment score is below 45 can enroll in Math 2T, but may have difficulty improving their score to the 60 or higher required for enrollment in AMS 3 or Math 3 without additional support.

Topics covered in Math 2 and 2T

Both Math 2, College Algebra, and Math 2T, Preparatory Math, use the adaptive learning system ALEKS for individual practice and learning.  Projects, worksheets, etc. vary from course to course—contact the instructor for more information. (See the Mathematics Class Schedule for information about instructors, scheduling, etc. for a specific academic term—check the fine print below the page title to be sure you're looking at the relevant quarter's listings.)

Topics covered in the ALEKS College Algebra course:

Real Numbers

Percents and Proportions
Signed Numbers
Properties of Real Numbers

Equations and Inequalities

Linear Equations
Linear Inequalities
Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities

Exponents and Polynomials

Properties of Exponents
Scientific Notation
Polynomial Expressions
Quadratic Equations

Lines and Systems

Ordered Pairs
Graphing Lines
Equations of Lines
Graphing Linear Inequalities
Systems of Linear Equations

Functions and Graphs

Sets, Relations, and Functions
Graphs and Transformations
Combining Functions; Composite Functions; Inverse Functions

Rational Expressions

Rational Expressions
Rational Expressions

Radical Expressions

Radical Functions
Radical Expressions
Rational Exponents
Radical Equations


Perimeter, Area, and Volume
Coordinate Geometry