Introductory Math Course Lecture Schedules, Fall 2019

The following is a concise overview of lecture times. This information is not definitive! Locations, meeting times, and instructors are subject to change. See the Math Class Schedule or the UCSC Class Search for complete information about lectures and discussion sections before enrolling in your courses.

Introductory calculus courses

Math 11A lectures are MWF, either 8:00-9:05 AM (Migliore) or 10:40-11:45 AM (Eastman). (There are two offerings of Math 11A this fall.)

Math 11B lectures are MWF, 10:40-11:45 AM.

Math 19A lectures are MWF, 8:00-9:05 AM (Eastman) or 1:20-2:25 PM (Saunders). (There are two offerings of Math 19A this fall.)

Math 19B lectures are MWF, 12:00-1:05 PM.

Preparatory courses

Students who are enrolling in a preparatory course but intend to improve their placement before the start of instruction should plan their schedule to accommodate switching to a more advanced course after reassessment.

Preparatory course lecture/meeting times

Math 2 lectures are MWF, either 10:40-11:45 AM or 4:00-5:05 PM. (There are two offerings of Math 2 this fall.)

Math 3 lectures are MWF, either 8:00-9:05 AM (Morales) or 1:20-2:25 PM (Bhattacharya, Crown and Merrill students only). (There are two offerings of Math 3 this fall.)

Leave room to move

Math 3, Math 11A, and Math 19A all have MWF 8:00-9:05 AM offerings. Students who calculus-eligible after initially enrolling in the morning offering of Math 3 can switch to the early morning offering of Math 11A or 19A without rescheduling their other courses. (Check discussion section times when enrolling.)

Students considering making other math enrollment changes after improving their placement tier should, if possible, choose all of their classes so as to avoid potential schedule conflicts with their target math course.