Community College Courses

ASSIST is an online system that shows which course credits earned at one public California college or university can be transferred to another one. ASSIST provides the most accurate and up-to-date information about such transfers.

Use ASSIST to find courses that you want to take, but ask a UCSC adviser to verify that the course(s) you've selected will transfer as you expect. Course articulation agreements are formal commitments between the UC, CSU, and California community college systems, and involve specialized terminology—be sure that your course will meet your academic needs before you commit your time and money!

A step-by-step search example

Our example will be a search for math and statistics courses at Cabrillo College, a community college in Aptos, a few miles away from UCSC. The following screen shots don't include the ASSIST sidebar, and have red arrows added to indicate where you should click.

Step 1.

On the ASSIST home page, we'll use the Explore Transfer Information feature. Click to select an institution, and then choose University of California, Santa Cruz from the drop down menu.

assist home page

Step 2.

We'll use Agreements with Other Campuses to find Cabrillo College courses that transfer to UCSC. Click to select a campus, and then choose From: Cabrillo College from the drop down menu.
assist choose community college

Step 3.

We'll look for Cabrillo College courses that articulate to UCSC Math courses. Under By Department at: University of California, Santa Cruz, select Mathematics from the drop down menu.

assist choose UCSC department

Step 4.

Wait patiently for the courses to display. There is often an annoying delay between the appearance of the header information and the appearance of the list of articulated courses.

assist CC math courses

Note that the combination of Cabrillo's Math 2 and Math 3 articulate to UCSC's Math 3. Watch out for the same course number being used for different courses at different colleges and universities, and for course combination articulations! If you've taken only one of a two course package articulation, hopefully it was a valuable learning experience, but it won't satisfy the UCSC requirement.

Step 5.

UCSC has two departments that teach math courses: Mathematics (Math) and Applied Mathematics and Statistics (AMS). To find out which Cabrillo College courses articulate to AMS courses, we need to go back a page and change our department selection in the drop down menu. After waiting again for the results to display, we see the articulated courses.

assist CC AMS courses

Note that there is a Cabrillo course that articulates to AMS 11A, but Cabrillo doesn't offer a course that articulates to AMS 11B.


ASSIST contains a wealth of information—use the ASSIST sidebar and various search options within the pages.