Calculus Courses

Each of UCSC's four calculus sequences is designed for students in a specific group of majors. Some majors belong to more than one of these groups, and some majors accept more than one version of calculus.

AMS/Econ 11AB
Calculus for Economics

AMS/Econ 11AB is a single and multi variable calculus sequence with a focus on business and economics. MP tier 300 or higher.

Math 11AB
Calculus with Applications

Math 11AB is a single variable calculus sequence with a focus on the life sciences. MP tier 300 or higher.

Math 19AB
Calculus for the Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering

Math 19AB is a single variable calculus sequence offered in both online and traditional formats. MP tier 400 or 500.

Math 20AB
Honors Calculus

Honors Calculus introduces techniques of rigorous proof and the abstract concepts underlying calculus. MP tier 500.

Unsure about your major?

If you don't know yet what you'll major in, you can keep your options open by taking a calculus sequence that's accepted for a wide variety of majors.

Math 19AB is accepted for any major that requires Math 11AB, but Math 11AB isn't accepted for most majors that require Math 19AB.

The relationship between AMS/Econ 11AB and Math 11AB or 19AB is more complicated. AMS/Econ 11AB covers both single and multi-variable calculus, while Math 11AB and 19AB cover only single variable calculus. Hence you will need to supplement Math 11AB or 19AB with Math 22, Introduction To Calculus Of Several Variables, if you decide to major in Economics after taking one of the Math calculus sequences.

It's a good idea to check with advisors for any majors that you're considering. They can give you in-depth advice about your options.

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