The Course Guide offers an overview of UCSC's preparatory math courses and calculus courses. For information about more advanced math courses, see the Math Department or Applied Math and Statistics Department course descriptions.

If you're not sure which course(s) you'll need, check the introductory math requirements for your (prospective) major. 

You can take it with you! Your AP or IB math exam score, or non-UCSC coursework, may earn you UCSC course credit.

Calculus courses

UCSC offers four different two quarter calculus sequences, optimized for particular majors.

Learn about UCSC calculus courses.

Preparatory courses

Preparatory math courses provide you with the skills you'll need for success in calculus or statistics.

Learn about the preparatory courses.

Non-UCSC course credit

AP Calculus or IB Math exams and transferable courses can qualify for UCSC course credit.

Learn which exams and courses qualify.