Set the Stage for Success

The freedom to choose when and where you take your ALEKS assessments isn’t just a convenience, it’s a terrific performance booster. You know best what works for you, so plan ahead and create the optimal environment for your assessment.

You should…

Be at Your Best

Use your knowledge of your personal rhythms to choose a time when your creativity, confidence, and mental clarity are at their peaks. It’s OK to be a little nervous, but be psyched up to win, not flee.

Select Your Sounds

Listening to music helps many students to relax, stay focused, and keep auditory distractions at bay. Gaming playlists for intense concentration, chamber music for calm reflection… use your tunes to tune your mood.

Work Things Out

You’ll spend most of your assessment time solving problems using a pencil and paper, so have a roomy, stable writing surface alongside your computer or tablet. Good screen visibility will help you see all of the crucial details.

Be Comfortable

If having a beverage to sip and snacks to nibble helps you relax, have them at hand while working on your assessment. If your favorite study buddy is your dog or cat, have them nearby while you assess—take frequent snuggle breaks!

Avoid distractions and external pressures…

Time Constraints

Don't assess right before you need to be somewhere else or need to rush back to another important task. Assess far in advance of deadlines!

Social Situations

The juicy details of the romantic triangle under discussion at the next table could lure your thoughts away from geometry.

Social Media

Resist electronic temptation. Close or hide your social media and shut off notifications while you’re working.

Emotional Distress

Sad, angry, scared… negative emotions and creative problem solving don't mix. Don't assess on a day when nothing seems to be going your way.