When Can I Reassess?

sample ALEKS sidebar showing reassessment conditions

You must work in your Learning Module for at least five hours between placement assessments.

There's a 48 hour "cooling off" period after each placement assessment. You can work in your Learning Module during this time, but you can't start a new placement assessment until the cooling off period has ended.

You can find the current information about your reassessment eligibility in the sidebar of your ALEKS homepage, in the gray "Placement Assessment" region below the blue "Up Next:" region of the sidebar.

If a lock icon is shown, at least one of the conditions for reassessment hasn't been met yet.

If you're still cooling off from your most recent placement assessment, ALEKS will show you when the cooling off period will end.

If you haven't worked in your Learning Module for at least five hours, ALEKS will show you how much more time you need to spend practicing in your Module before you can reassess.

When you're eligible to reassess, the lock icon will be replaced with a START button.

Review Set the Stage for Success and the ALEKS Assessment Commandments before starting your new assessment. When conditions are perfect and you're ready to strut your stuff, click START and show us what you've learned!

Don't delay!

Your ALEKS PPL license is valid for one year, but your Learning Module is accessible only for six months from the time you first enter your Learning Module.

Since you need to work in your Learning Module for at least five hours between assessments, if you let your Module expire without investing at least five hours work after your most recent placement assessment, you won't be able to reassess even if your license is still valid.

If your license has expired, or you can't reassess because your Learning Module has expired and your next assessment is still locked, you can apply for a new license, but it's best to make full use of your original ALEKS PPL license.



  1. Absolutely! In Assessment mode, ALEKS temporarily sets aside everything it already knows about you – each placement assessment starts with a blank page, so to speak. When/if you go back to your Learning Module, ALEKS still remembers everything it’s learned about you, so you can continue from where you left off.

    However, the precalculus Learning Module doesn’t cover logarithms, exponential functions, or trigonometry, so you should review those outside your Learning Module. (E.g. Kahn Academy or the UCI videos; see the resources links in the top menu.) If you’re finding ALEKS useful, and would like to practice with ALEKS style trig etc questions, you can buy a private ALEKS license by the month and choose a course that includes the material you need, but the free resources are a good place to start.

    • Click the “apply for a new license” link just above the comments section here, fill out the form, and submit it. You may need to be in Google using your UCSC identity to access the form.

  2. I filled out the form too and have the exact same question, will I be notified when I get a renewal in my license and when should I expect it?

    • You’ll get an email with your access code. We don’t guarantee a particular turnaround time on these applications, but they’re usually processed within a week.

  3. I have finished my first assessment, and I have also worked in the Learning Module for more than five hours. However, as I logged into my account and tried to reassess, I was shown that the class was Inactive and so I was unable to access either the Learning Module or the Placement Assessment. According to the website, my Placement End Date is next year, while the Prep and Learning Module End Date is November this year. So why can I not access my class?

    • There’s only one student with the last name Geng in UCSC’s ALEKS PPL, and their license expired on July 11. Licenses are valid for one year, and according to ALEKS, the initial assessment was July 11, 2016. When the license expires, access to the Learning Module is locked – this happens if a student starts working in their Learning Module more than six months after their initial assessment. “Placement End Date” doesn’t show up as a field in my ALEKS interface, so I don’t know what’s up with that. I think you’ll need to request a new license.

    • You were given a second license roughly ten days ago and have used only one of the five assessments. I don’t think we’ve ever given a third license, and I’m reasonably confident that we wouldn’t give a third one to someone who hadn’t made much use of their earlier ones, so I encourage you to make good use of the one you have now.

  4. Can you only take five assessments total for your entire time at UCSC? Or five per year? I have already taken four assessments, but I like the idea of continuing to study in the module and re-assess until I have possibly tested out of one of the levels of math. My score has come up quite a bit everytime I’ve re-assessed. But will I be limited to five (just one more)?

  5. Also, by what date do I have to complete that fifth assessment to be within the license period? And what are my options if I miss that date (get a new license, etc.)?

  6. I applied for a license a couple weeks ago and have not received my new code, should I redo the license renewal? Also does this license renewal allow me to access my first learning module? It’s expiring very very soon and I would like to access it soon.

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