This Guide will help you determine, interpret, and improve your Math Placement tier, and show you how to use your ALEKS PPL Learning Module to revitalize and expand your mathematical knowledge.

Math Placement is a process! Assessments are essential components of that process, but enhancing your math skills through targeted study and learning about UCSC math courses are equally important steps on your path to success.

Math Placement Tiers
For enrollment purposes, your ALEKS assessment scores are converted to UCSC Math Placement tiers, which are transferred into your portal on specific posting dates. Your highest tier determines the UCSC math courses you're eligible to enroll in.

Learn about the UCSC Placement tiers.

ALEKS Learning Modules
Your Learning Module is an adaptive personalized self-study system offering targeted instruction for rapid improvement. A few hours study in your Module can improve your placement tier or boost your odds of excelling in your courses.

Using your ALEKS Learning Module.


  1. I took my last assessment on June 30, and scored a 77 (400 range). However, my test score has not been updated on “my test scores” page. Please let me know why.

  2. Because you posted your question two minutes after the first score posting cutoff after you completed your assessment. Score posting isn’t automated – one person runs and preprocesses the ALEKS reports, and then sends them to another person who posts them to our Academic Information System. That’s typically completed within a few hours, but not a few minutes.

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