Non-UCSC Course Credit

Get ahead at UCSC with transferable coursework!

AP or IB Exams
If you've earned a sufficiently high score on an AP Calculus or IB Higher Level Mathematics exam, you can receive UCSC course credit.

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Community College Courses
You can earn UCSC course credit by taking an articulated math course at a California Community College.

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Other Transferable Courses
College level courses taken at other institutions may be transferable for course credit, but case-by-case review is typically required. Check before you enroll!

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  1. Hi. My name is Aaron Mandel. I am enrolled for fall. I have completed Calculus at Sierra College with an A. The grade will come with my transcript. Is there anything else I need to do?

  2. Aaron,

    If your Calculus course at Sierra is one of the ones listed in ASSIST (30 or 31 are the first two in the Sierra Calc sequence, I think), sending your transcript should do the job. If your course isn’t in ASSIST, you’ll need to provide some more information. Apologies for the slow response time. Welcome to UCSC!

    Best wishes,
    Debra Lewis

  3. Hi my name is Christopher Abbey. I am enrolled for Fall classes. I have a quick question about my AP test score and ALEKS placement. I just received my calculus AB score from the college board on July 9th, it was a 5. Can I submit this score in lieu of taking an ALEKS math placement test and continue to higher level maths even though it is now past the deadline to submit transcripts? This wasn’t a result of laziness on my part, the scores just happened to become available after UCSC’s deadline.

    • Congratulations on the 5! If you arranged to have your AP score sent to UCSC, then you’ve completed math placement. If for some reason you didn’t have them send us your score, you should get in touch with the Office of the Registrar and ask them what to do.

      AP and IB scores are different from transcripts. ETS releases scores when it decides to, and the rest of us just scramble to work around their schedule. Transcripts require a lot of manual processing, so it’s important that we get those as early as possible.

  4. Hi, my name is Andrew Xu. I am enrolled for the Fall and I was wondering about conflicting ALEKS and AP scores. I took the AP Calculus AB Exam and received a 5, but also took the ALEKS and received a score that only allowed me to take Math 19A. Do I need to retake the ALEKS to be placed in Math 20A, or does my AP score allow me to enroll regardless of my ALEKS score?

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